Aeris Communications, a preferred Internet of Things (IoT) technology partner for enterprises, today announced a new white paper, ‘Getting Fleet Video Telematics Right’, which details the best practices for organisations to ensure that they select and configure wireless connectivity to meet high-performance requirements and deliver the full potential of fleet video telematics.

The white paper, provides a range of insight and guidance, including: The Keys to Success: the critical application-specific requirements that need to be met to ensure a seamless, efficient and reliable fleet video telematics solution, including:

◇ Consistent, reliable coverage, to ensure operational benefits can be achieved throughout the driver’s journey.

◇ Affordable high throughput, to support bandwidth requirements much higher than normal vehicle telematics without breaking the business case for the solution — in other words, high data rates at low cost.

◇ Careful device configuration to ensure close coordination with the radio access network, to minimise latency in video upload — essential for time- critical insurance first notice of loss, emergency treatment, law enforcement response, and operational recovery.

◇ Flexible, easily customisable core and data transport network configuration, to enable video-specific QoS treatment and media segregation in the cloud.

Aeris is deeply involved in the fleet telematics sector, providing fleet management connectivity to 2.1 million commercial vehicles, which represents 15% of Aeris’ 14-million-device customer base.

Mohsen Mohseninia VP of Market Development, Europe, Aeris, comments:

“The benefits of video telematics in fleet management are clear—accident prevention, driver performance monitoring, incident fault resolution, and more, however incorporating video into fleet management solutions increases the connectivity requirements. Download the whitepaper to learn how to select and configure wireless connectivity to meet the high-performance needs of fleet video telematics”.

The whitepaper can be downloaded here: