Redtail Telematics, the long-established provider of ‘black-box’ solutions installed in vehicles by insurers to help motorists reduce the size of their insurance premium based on their driver behaviour, today announced that By Miles, a Redtail partner has successfully launched an email campaign, harnessing data from Redtail Telematics, alerting their customers when their vehicle’s battery is low on power as a result of inactivity, before the need to summon roadside assistance.

By Miles launched the email campaign after data analysed by Redtail revealed there was a risk to drivers of that over one thousand By Miles customers were at risk of dead car batteries as a result of their cars being driven less.

Callum Rimmer, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of By Miles, says: “People have enough to worry about at the moment, so the last thing drivers need is a flat car battery. We’re always looking for ways to improve our service to make the lives of drivers easier, and insurance is just one part of that. With help from Redtail, we’ve been able to offer a helping hand during the lockdown.”

Responding to the issue of losing battery power, through vehicle inactivity, Redtail reprogrammed their black boxes in situ so that they send battery status information to the data warehouse, whereby this information is translated into alerts by the insurer that can be sent to the vehicle owner by email or SMS.

Dr Colin Smithers, Redtail CEO comments: “Telematics is not just about saving money on insurance as the By Miles’ launch of the battery life email alert illustrates. Redtail is a one-stop-shop telematics company serving insurance, fleet and OEM customers, and so it is easy for us to re-program our boxes over the air and modify the data warehouse functionality to create these custom alerts, empowering insurers to deliver additional benefits to their customers.”