Fleet Point, April 2019

Camera Telematics, the leaders in vehicle camera technology, today announced a partnership with Arthur Marsh Insurance whereby the insurance provider will offer their customers, who operate in the haulage and waste collection sectors with Camera Telematics’ ‘Street Angel’ – the most advanced on-board vehicle camera solution available to provide unrivalled protection against insurance fraud and effective accident management.

A division of The County Group, one of the UK’s leading broker firms, Arthur Marsh Insurance appointed Camera Telematics because unlike their previous telematics provider, which was exclusively a tracking system, the Street Angel solution provides tracking functionality coupled with the most advanced onboard vehicle camera solution available. When a roadside incident or accident occurs, the availability of visual evidence delivered by Street Angel provides vehicles insured by Arthur Marsh Insurance with instant high-quality visual evidence delivering the highest levels of protection from insurance fraud and accident management assistance.

Once installed on a vehicle, Street Angel works by using 4G connectivity to continually record video evidence of the journey and the vehicle’s surroundings on to the internal memory. It uses sophisticated accelerometers to measure g-force in all directions to detect any impact or harsh event, i.e. braking, corning etc. When the g-force parameter is breached the device instantly uploads a video clip of the event to the cloud and is reviewed by Camera Telematics’ in-house FNOL centre where it is assessed and an instant email alert to the fleet manager notifying them of the event. The email includes the date, time and vehicle registration, the location and type of event, such as harsh braking or cornering. The email also contains a link that the user can click on and watch the video straight away. This data is accurate and admissible evidence, should it be required to defend or mitigate an insurance claim.

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