Leading Telematics Service Provider Redtail Telematics has been awarded the prestigious Best Connected Product Award at the inaugural 2020 Cambridge Wireless Technology and Innovation Awards.

To celebrate the impact of innovation, technology and thought-leadership, Cambridge Wireless invited its world-renowned technology community to nominate outstanding companies and individuals within their ecosystem for the CW Technology and Innovation Awards.

From innovative start-ups and outstanding achievers to the most impactful use cases within industry, the CW Team received an impressive number of quality nominations from across the UK. Four companies and individuals per each Award category were then shortlisted for an interactive Semi-Final Pitching event led by an expert panel of judges. The judges selected two finalists and an online vote was made open to the public who could nominate.

The award was presented to Dr Colin Smithers, CEO, Redtail Telematics on September 22nd, 2020 by the sponsor, Dr Tim Moore VP of Innovation for GHD, citing that Redtail Telematics had ‘clearly demonstrated the product life cycle, technology advancement and benefits for the customer’.

Dr Colin Smithers, CEO, Redtail Telematics comments: “We are delighted to have won the ‘Best Connected Product’ award in recognition of our telematics solution. Redtail Telematics has innovated and evolved in reaction to market needs, both in product and service offerings and routes to market, from direct to indirect B2B and B2B2C. As that evolution has taken place, we have added layers of connectivity (SIM, APIs), data handling to deliver value (tracking, algorithm based scoring and FNOL, analytics) and ways to access that data including portals and apps. The result is an active and profitable IoT ecosystem that today connects 100,000s of assets. This evolution has culminated in our unique one stop shop offering a customisable full technology stack for fleets, insurers, OEMs and Stolen Vehicle Recovery for delivering data insight into how their assets (people or things) are performing.”

About Redtail Telematics

A leading Telematics Service provider (TSP) provider of telematics solutions to the usage-based insurance (UBI), automotive, fleet tracking, and stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) sectors globally, Redtail draws on its joint heritage with sister company, Plextek, the communications technology design house, and have together supplied over 6 million devices into the automotive aftermarket in more than 30 countries since 1993.

Redtail Telematics Ltd is headquartered in Cambridge, UK and, together with subsidiary Redtail Telematics Corp in San Diego, California, enjoys the unique benefits among TSPs in designing and manufacturing its own devices as opposed to purchasing them from a technology provider.

However, the company has expanded significantly beyond exclusively offering telematics device design and manufacture to offer a broad set of services – including APIs, portals, apps, all of which underpinned by the capture, analysis, and processing of valuable telematics. In short, a one-stop-shop for insurers and enterprise customers with control over the whole stack, vital for optimised and customised solutions.

Redtail devices and services are used by Admiral, ingenie, ByMiles, TRACKER Network UK, Lojack, CalAmp, Concirrus, Acorn and JLR, among others.